Things you can relate to if you’ve ever tried losing weight!

The weight loss journey is a tough path, laden with many seemingly insurmountable obstacles and enticing distractions that may lead one to give up.  Some have conquered and become legends while some have fallen in the way with no determination of getting back up. Well, to each their own.

Whether or not you have been able to reach your weight loss goal, we are sure you have definitely been through all or some of the below situations while on your journey.

 1) After 3 days of going on a diet you expect your pants to fit better! – Don’t deny it, we’ve all been there 😉

 2) This is what happens when someone offers you cake. (We know you tried your best to resist)

3) You don’t leave a single chance to let people around you know that you are on a diet (even though you aren’t too sure about following through with it)

4)    The first few days it’s all green tea and salads but after a while you start contemplating your existence altogether. (What’s the point of life without pizza, right?)

5)    You hopelessly wait for someone to notice that you lost half a kg (especially Pammi aunty from the neighborhood)

6)    After three days of dieting, you decide to treat yourself with a piece cake or a slice of pizza. Okay, maybe half a pizza or a whole cake because you stuck to your diet for three full days. (Achievement unlocked)

7)    After two weeks, one cheat a day week has already progressed to one cheat meal a day! (You relish those guilty pleasures, don’t you?)

8)    Everything looks delicious other than what’s on your plate and you always feel hangry 

Yes yes, we know…right in the feels! Well, we hope you can all relate  to and laugh over  this and tell us if you’ve experienced anything else that you would like to add to this list.

By team bon happetee 🙂 #AlwaysEatWhatYouLove

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One thought on “Things you can relate to if you’ve ever tried losing weight!

  1. Jeremy Stone says:

    This gave me a good laugh! Numbers 6, 7 and 8 are very accurate! Hangry makes you lose your progress because it makes you think “why do I have to do this?!?!”. But once you overcome all of this, you’ll be very proud of yourself!

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