Brush your teeth after dinner to lose weight

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Brushing twice a day keeps your pearlies clean and healthy! Something you have been hearing since you were a teeny-weeny baby. Well, cleanliness and dental health aside, we are here trying to help you lose weight by asking you to brush your teeth.
But, before we tell you the secret behind the connection of brushing your teeth after dinner and losing weight, let us tell you an interesting fact.

Did you know that the early versions of toothpaste did not have any mint in it?

In those days, brushing your teeth every morning was not a daily morning ritual. So what turned it into a daily habit as it is today? It was the introduction of mint in the toothpaste started by Pepsodent. The taste and the tingling sensation of the mint in the mouth started forming a habit loop and eventually became a daily morning routine. It formed a sub-conscious craving for a cool tingling sensation. However, the most surprising part is – the mint actually has NO health benefits.

Now, let’s come to the actual point. Do you reach for that pack of chips or a bowl of ice-cream when you are watching TV or reading a book, even when you have had a satisfactory dinner? Most of you will say ‘YES’!

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Let’s say, if you eat your dinner around 8 pm and sleep by 11, then your body doesn’t really need anything between 8 and 11 pm (at most, a small cup of milk or buttermilk or a bowl of homemade unsweetened curd). At this time, your body is gradually shutting down and does not need much energy or calories. Whatever additional you eat will not get processed well and get stored as fat.

They can cause other health problems as well, such as –

  • Restless sleep
  • Increased belly fat
  • Acidity and constipation
  • Storage of fat

Now, let’s come back to our connection between brushing your teeth after dinner and losing weight.

Brushing your teeth after dinner can serve you as a reminder that you are not supposed to eat. The cool minty feeling in your mouth actually acts as a reminder to stop when you try to grab a bag of chips or open the refrigerator for a box of ice cream. And yes, if you are someone who eats a snack or sweet every night after dinner, then just stopping that habit can help you lose up to 2 kgs in 6 months

Bon happetee indian food logging appSo, if you have a habit of brushing your teeth before sleeping, you might as well brush right after dinner. The fresh minty taste will reduce the temptation of eating again, as you know the problems it can cause and also it will remind you that if you eat you will need to brush again.

And if you have not been brushing your teeth in the night, start forming a habit now to brush right after dinner and yes, remember to use a nice minty toothpaste.

And about eating those chips and ice-cream? Reserve them for Sunday afternoons or earlier in the day instead of late nights.

If you wish to read more about how the habit of using mint toothpaste was formed, click here.

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    Although especially the stomach is not necessarily empty, the desire is filled enough only with brushing teeth, and, probably, the person that I am craving something to eat somehow ceases to eat between meals.

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