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‘Monday Blues’, a set of mixed emotions (mostly sadness, unease and nervousness), is something that many of us experience at the beginning of the workweek! And some start feeling it as early as Sunday afternoons. According to a research, Monday mornings are so depressing that on an average, we don’t crack our first smile until 11:16 am!!

The shift from the fantasy world (read – weekends) into the real world can be very stressful and exhausting. The mere thought of facing assignments, presentations, tests, and many to-do lists gives us the jitters.
Try some of these wise suggestions for making Monday mornings more tolerable:

  1. Don’t Live For The Weekends: – Do not limit your fun and enjoyment only to the weekends. What you can do on the weekends, you can surely do on weekdays as well. It will just require a little bit of prior planning and will give a great boost to the week!
  2. Relax: – Avoid making too many plans for the weekends, which may tire you out rather than keeping you relaxed. This will make you even more dazed and miserable during the week.
  3. Hit The Bed On Time: – Go to bed early on Sundays to wake up fresh and energized for the week. Waking up just 15-20 mins earlier will make Mondays a lot easier, helping you finish your morning tasks on time and by allowing a little more time for yourself – for exercise, a good breakfast or sitting down to relax with the newspaper and a cup of coffee.Bon happetee best diet plan app
  4. Plan Ahead: – For a smooth Monday morning, figure out your clothes, prepare your meals, if you have children, then get their things organized as well, the evening before.Bon happetee best diet plan app
  5. Don’t Skip Breakfast: – As we all know “Eat Breakfast like a King” holds true as it gives you the energy you need to fight the blues. Have a hearty breakfast, no matter how quick, to avoid morning crankiness which can kill your good mood and desire to work.
  6. Get Pumped Up: – Listen to your favourite music in the morning, it will definitely boost your Monday morning mood.
  7. Burn Some Calories: What better than the Happy Hormones – Endorphins to beat the blues! Even if short of time, dedicate at least 15 minutes for yourself to be fit & happy! The right music can also inspire you to pull up another set or run an extra kilometer!Bon happetee best diet plan app
  8. Look Flamboyant: – Start your day with a positive attitude and choose to wear something that you love, because when you look good, you feel good. Dressing sloppy will only make you feel worse.
  9. Treat Yourself: – Having something to look forward to on a Monday, automatically makes you feel better. Allow yourself a little treat every Monday. It could be buying a nice book, quick pampering session at the salon, picking up your favourite beverage, catching up with a friend for lunch, etc.
  10. Quick Refresher: – Break the monotony, take short breaks during the day, stretch out, take a stroll, get some fresh air, chat with colleagues and friends, share your weekend stories, etc. This can do wonders for both your attitude and productivity.
  11. Make Your Co-Worker Happy: – Helping others can certainly lift your spirits and allow you to forget about your own troubles. Even a nice compliment to your colleague can do the trick.
  12. Stay Organized: – A messy workplace can seriously affect your mood and impede on your productivity. Tidy up your workplace before you leave for the weekend.

 Take charge of your mood.  Don’t let the Monday Blues win over! Now you have the tools to fight it!

– by Team bon happetee

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Bon happetee best diet plan app

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