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“Switch to XYZ aur aap 3 dino me 2 kilo tak lose kar sakte hai”

“Is wedding season apna wajan ghataiye in just two weeks.”

Have you ever wondered at the rising number of advertisements for losing weight the easy way? With more and more number of people wanting to shed weight quickly and easily, the number of companies using fraudulent advertising is multiplying and weight loss scams are on the rise.

Do you really believe that anything, anything at all is going to make you lose weight in merely 3 or 4 days. It may even work, but we are sorry to tell you, folks, that the weight loss might not last, actually it WILL NOT last. Losing weight is not about 3 days or 2 weeks. It is all about changing your lifestyle.

By taking the time to carefully investigate a company and its products, and choosing to work with the right professional on your weight loss goals, you can save yourself needless expense and disappointment.

As it is rightly quoted, “If it sounds too good to be true – it is not!”

If They Say …

“With our product, eat cake … a hamburger … toast with butter … and practically anything else you enjoy! This plan gets you thin – without sacrificing your favourite foods!”

The Truth –
It is “impossible” to eat unlimited amounts of food – any kind of food – and still lose weight. The first and foremost key to weight loss is MODERATION. Any claim to that effect in an ad or a commercial is false. These products help curb appetite. Hence, they can easily claim that people can eat whatever they want to because they will not want to eat as much food as compared to what they did before they started using the product.

bon happetee calorie calculator app indiaIf They Say …

“I have lost 6 pounds the very first week of this new low carbohydrate diet.”

“I lost 11 pounds the first 2 weeks of this diet.”

The Truth –
Glycogen, the primary source for energy, attracts water. Muscles are mostly made up of water. When you limit your carbohydrate intake, you hold onto less glycogen. Therefore, the initial weight loss you experience is due to water loss from your muscles. This can account for 4 – 10 pounds in the first week.

Rapid water loss is the trick behind these diets. They make it appear quick and easy, while in reality, it is only a temporary solution. What’s the big deal with such a weight loss? You can lose your water weight if you are sick too.
Meaningful, permanent weight loss requires consuming fewer, balanced calories and indulging in regular exercise.

If They Say …

“Got a little extra baggage in your belly … thighs … buttocks? Here’s the only sure way to trim the fat in those trouble spots.”

The Truth —
You absolutely CANNOT tell your body where and where not to lose weight and shed pounds (spot reduction). The notion to burn fat in specific areas is simply ridiculous. You can “build up” specific areas in your body through weight training, but losing weight in specific areas that you may want to improve is absolutely NOT possible.

bon happetee calorie calculator app indiaIf They Say…

“The Super Fat-Fighting Formula inhibits fats, sugars and starches from being absorbed in the intestines and turning into excess weight so that you can lose pounds and inches easily.”

The Truth –
In spite of taking these pills, you still need to cut down on the daily intake of calories. Additionally, these pills might block the absorption of some vital macro and micro-nutrients damaging the body functions in the long run.

Losing weight is not rocket science, it is mostly just using your common sense (which is apparently not so common, seeing the number of people who blindly believe these scams).

As we always say, “Weight loss is a matter of balanced diet and exercise”.

It’s not easy, but it is very doable.

– by Team bon happetee



  1. Swati says:

    Bon happetee is a wonderful and amazing application helped me in erasing a thought that eating everything will make my weight go up but in a balance way ….too good

  2. Archana says:

    Good initiative to educate the people… who follow blindly to wrong products . I am loving it and using this app to do healthy weight loss

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