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“I am going to be a size M this year”, “I am going to fit in that little black dress”, “I will definitely lose 10 kgs”, and so on. Since how many years have you been making the same resolutions and never been able to follow them beyond a point?

bon happetee calorie counter appHow will you, if you do not bother to set realistic goals? Let us make it clear once and for all, folks – extremes do not help, they never have and never will. They just make things worse for you! When you set unrealistic goals, you give up more easily and end up getting disappointed. You also lose the inclination to start again.


So, stop being so restrictive; be easy on yourself this time. Remember, moderation is the ultimate key to weight loss!


I will start a new lifestyle on 1st Jan 95% of these resolutions will fail..! Because we never start with moderate, easy to make changes. It’s always drastic, and not long lasting. Some people have a capacity for changing multiple habits, but that isn’t most of us. Most of us are lazy, more human. So keep it simple. Start with one resolution, the one that’s the most important to you and focus all your energy on that.
Quick Tip: Get into the groove of your new healthy regimen from 26th Dec or from 5th Jan, because like the proverbial TOMORROW, 1st Jan will never come.
I will exercise 7 days a week


With busy schedules, it is hard to be able to stick to your exercise regimen at all times.
Just sneaking in 10-15 minutes of activity a few times in a day will still add up to 45 minutes at the end of the day. Quick exercises like spot jogging, climbing the staircase, walking in the lobby, etc., will also make a difference. What’s more … they also relieve stress at regular intervals.
I will stop eating chocolates


You won’t be able to stop eating anything sweet, especially something as heavenly as chocolates overnight unless you have an exceptional will power. And why stop eating chocolates anyway??
A better and more doable practice would be to limit the frequency to 1 – 2 times a week and keep a tab on the portion size.
I will eat a bowl of salad  for lunch and dinner


This practice is bound to end even before it starts. Salads sure are very healthy, but how far will you be able to stick to this?

Start with 1 bowl a day and keep alternating your salads with soups or tossed veggies.

I will lose 10 kilos in a month or two


Be practical. Even if you achieve this, what you will lose is not fat, but a whole lot of muscle mass and water, which your body needs the most. Don’t opt for crash or fad diets. Take it slow, and eat well-balanced meals. Losing 2 – 3 kilos a month is a much healthier approach!
I will not eat out


Are you sure? And for how long? A week or a month? Then what? You will ultimately feel restricted and give up.

Just go easy on the quantity and frequency. Better so, make time to cook the same items at home. (It’s not junk if it is cooked at home) You will still manage to save up on a whole lot of calories from unhealthy fats and sugar.

I will not stress myself out


 How we wish this was in our hands, our life would have been so much better! But, we all know this is something we cannot have a control on.
What you CAN control is to find ways to handle stress better – listen to good music, chit chat with friends, go for a stroll, read up, simply close eyes for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths. Basically, it’s about finding your own stress busters!

Just like promises, resolutions, too, are made to be broken! And to make it work for you this time, bon happetee has come up with a very useful app which helps you adapt to a healthy lifestyle by guiding you on your meals and physical activities, every day. To download visit the app stores or CLICK HERE 

We wish you all the very best and a Happy New Year! This New Year DON’T resolve to lose weight

– by Team bon happetee



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