This new year, DON’T resolve to lose weight

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New Year resolutions

It’s the New Year, so yet again, it is time for making new resolutions. For the last few decades losing weight and getting fit has been the number 1 resolution all over the world. You have made the resolution to get fit so many times now, that every year feels like the same. This New Year though, spare yourself the same old resolutions!

Funny-new-years-resolutions-cakeDon’t resolve to lose weight, or to go ‘on a diet’, and give up even before the first month ends. When you say you want to lose weight, what you are doing is making a vague resolution. You don’t know what measures you are going to take to achieve your goal, and there is your first failure itself.

So instead, gift yourself a bunch of good habits that will lead to sustained weight loss. You will see results in weeks. Start with implementing one change at a time, and move on to the next only when you have accomplished the first one.

Let the following be your New Year resolutions:

I will eat every 2 – 2.5 hours.

Promise yourself that ‘No matter what, I will not starve myself to lose weight because deep down I know that it never works. This year I will eat to lose weight!’ Starving never helped anyone lose weight, not the topmost celebs, not the wannabe models, and not the to-be brides either. What it gave them instead is a slow metabolism, 5 more kilos than the weight they were before they started starving themselves, vitamin deficiencies, joint pains, among various other problems. So, it is not going to help you either.

  • Follow the 5 – 6 meals a day pattern. Eat every 2 – 2.5 hours, 3 main meals and 2 – 3 snacks. When you remain hungry for a longer duration, your body slips into a starvation mode and begins storing more fat. Your body gets into a self-defensive mode, thinking you are going to starve it to death.
  • In addition, when there are longer gaps between meals, you are famished and lose the sense of portion control at the sight of food. So, what happens to all the food you overeat? It gets converted to fat and is stored in the body!

The resolution was to lose weight and not store more fat, right? So, start eating smaller meals more frequently, and you will see the extra weight shed!

I will exercise 3 – 4 times a week.

Get off that couch and start exercising! Exercise is indispensable. Losing weight is a combination of eating right and exercising well. So jog, run, swim, dance – do whatever it is that you like, but start NOW! Make sure that once you get into the habit of working out, you introduce strength training too. It will not only enhance weight loss but increase body strength too. Start with 3 times a week.

I will eat a wholesome breakfast every day.

Breakfast is, without doubt, the most important meal of the day. It gets your metabolism going, and wakes up your body, making you feel all the more energized. After eating your first meal of the day within 10 minutes of waking up, say a handful of nuts or a fruit, have homemade upma, poha or even parathas. Incorporating a healthy breakfast into your routine will make you feel more energetic and productive throughout the day. Inevitably, you will feel like eating smaller portions at lunch and dinner, and almost never be tempted to binge-eat again.

I will not snack late at night.

Eat dinner 2 – 3 hours before your bedtime. The body needs time to digest, absorb and assimilate nutrients from your meal. Your digestive system likes to rest when you sleep. So, be nice to your stomach and give it plenty of time to get its job done before you hit the sack. Don’t attack it with cookies, leftover rice or pizza. Your stomach will be just as mad at you as you are, when your boss piles up files on your desk at 5 pm. Get our point?

I will brush my teeth right after dinner.

bon happetee best calorie calculator appThis is not just to maintain oral hygiene. Brushing your teeth after dinner can serve you as a reminder that you are not supposed to eat. The cool minty feeling in your mouth actually acts as a reminder to stop when you try to grab a bag of chips or open the refrigerator for a box of ice cream. And yes, if you are someone who eats a snack or sweet every night after dinner, then just stopping that habit can help you lose up to 2 kgs in 6 months

I will drink 8 – 12 glasses of water every day.

Keep yourself well hydrated. Water plays an important role for the body to function well, for digestion, circulation of nutrients and getting rid of toxins. It will make you feel active and fresh throughout the day, take care of all the fatigue you feel, help you get rid of sore muscles and joint pains, and make your skin glow like never before.

I will wait for 5 minutes before reaching out for second helpings.

bon happetee weight loss appIf you are still hungry after 5 minutes, go ahead get some more. Focus when you eat and enjoy it. ‘You decide what to eat, but let your body decide how much!’ Let your body talk to you. Well, it won’t literally talk, but it will give you signs and signals – that is the body’s way of communicating!

I will eat more fibre-rich foods.

The fibre in your food takes care of your bowel movements, lowers cholesterol levels, helps control blood sugar levels. More importantly, it aids in achieving a healthy weight loss. High-fibre foods are way more filling than the low-fibre ones and have much lesser calories. So, incorporate more whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables into your daily meals. These foods are rich in fibre, which provide greater satiety. Additionally, the low GI of high fibre foods helps in better utilization of energy.

And to make things easier for you, we have come up with an extremely useful app! bon happetee is your ‘go-to app’, for moderating your food intake and reminding you to exercise each day! The technology behind it behaves like a chef and a nutritionist rolled up in one recommendation engine that gives flexibility and choice, enabling users of different demographics and palette preferences to improve their food choices.

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So, this year make a thorough determination to fulfil your resolution without any worries, as we have the answer for all the hindrances which can come in your way.

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And remember … it takes 21 days to form a habit. Keeping this in mind, take it slow and be patient. Wish you a fit and healthy year ahead.

Happy New Year!

– by Team bon happetee

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