“You are what you eat. So don’t be fast, cheap, easy or fake.”

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So what is fast food really? Here is the dictionary definition “easily prepared processed food served in snack bars and restaurants as a quick meal or to be taken away”

Pizzas that get delivered in less than 30 minutes, burgers and chips that can be picked up at a drive-thru are examples of fast food. Now, think about it – If something is delivered in 30 it was cooked in under 5 mins. The only way this can be done is using pre-cooked ingredients loaded with preservatives like salt, sugar and trans fats. A typical fast food meal contains around 50% of your daily limit of sodium/salt and added sugars.

Many of us watch the amount of sugar we add to our morning cup of tea, but how many of us realize the horrifying amounts of sugar we consume through fast foods and processed foods? Even the packaged foods fall largely under the same umbrella. Foods like pack of chips, nachos, salad dressings, sugar cereals etc. Continue reading

Fascinating Food Facts We Bet You Didn’t Know!

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So far, Bon Happetee has told you all about weight loss scams, good and bad eating habits, various myths and truths about food, a couple of healthy hacks, and so on.  But … How about we cut out on all the gyaan we keep giving you and simply list out some really interesting food facts for you to read today.

Did you know that during colonial times, pineapples were so costly that they were rented in households, just to be put as centrepieces? Or that chocolate chip cookies were merely an accidental invention as a result of the chocolate in cookies not melting properly?

Read the article below for more such fascinating facts. Continue reading

How to Please Your Woman This Valentine’s Day

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach they say, but trust me, so is a woman’s. Women love to eat just as much as men do.

And if you get the food equation right, your job of being the world’s best boyfriend is almost done. Food is the best way to show your affection and care towards anyone. Foodie or not, a little pampering with food will always win her over (yes, even if you have forgotten her birthday or your anniversary).

With the help of this article, bon happetee will tell you just how to get the foodgasms right. Continue reading

Eat what you love, but Share it!


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Food has always been the centre of all our social interactions. As children, our favourite part of school was sharing the lunchbox with friends during lunch recess, or at home, it was to ‘wait for your Dad for dinner’. Shared lunch boxes and family dinners bring back so many loving memories. Sharing food comes most naturally to us and is a way of bonding with friends, family, neighbours and loved ones.

Alright, you get our point – sharing food helps us bond and gives us pleasure! That’s our way of ‘finding happiness!’ But do you know that sharing food brings health benefits that go beyond social bonding?
How Sharing Earns You More Than Those Goodie Points?  Continue reading

Why you may be binge eating

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Imagine holding your breath for 60-seconds.

Deprived of oxygen for a minute, your body starts to gasp for air, as soon as you breathe again.

Instead of slow, normal breaths, your body gulps in oxygen to re-calibrate.

When your body comes back into balance, you can return to your normal breath.

You need air to live. It’s vital life energy for every cell in your body.

WHY DEPRIVATION DIETS FAIL & cause binge eating

Now, imagine depriving your body of food for days, weeks, or months. I’m sure you know what that feels like. Continue reading here

by Lauren Fowler (RD)

Ridiculous diet tips that we (foodies) are fed up of!

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You suddenly realise you need to lose weight. So, after reading a few good diet books, meeting with a dietician, and enrolling yourself at the nearby Zumba class, you are all set. You have started eating at small intervals, having light dinners, avoiding late night snacks, hitting the gym regularly, and sleeping on time.

All you have to do is be patient and be yourself. But does that really happen? You bump into Mr. Kapoor in the elevator, and he tells you about a certain herbal product that helped his niece lose 5 kilos within 2 months. OR a certain Pammi Aunty comes over and croons, “Oh My God! Pregnancy me kuch zyada hi weight badh gaya, nahi? Why don’t you try the XYZ diet, betaji?”

bon happetee best food logging appInside your head you are going “Aaaaaaah! Leave me alone”. There is nothing more frustrating, we know. As foodies, or may we say ‘smart foodies’ (now that you have been following bon happetee), we hate when someone tells us to STOP eating something. Because firstly, we loooovvveeee food … we get mad when our friends want to just meet up and it’s not at a food joint, we almost get offended when someone wants us to share our popcorn (though we know that sharing food is really important), and food for us, is basically our soulmate. Secondly, we know better. We know that giving up certain foods is not the way to lose weight.
However, it is hard to shut up the aforementioned Pammi aunties and Kapoor uncles. And since we cannot shut them up, let’s just go over some hilarious diet tips we have heard and have a good laugh over it. Continue reading

Beat PMS! How to beat PMS with Food :) 


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That time of the month when the house becomes a little noisier than usual, the fights a little feistier, and almost everything around a little more annoying. You feel bloated, irritated, angry, sad, hungry and nauseated and almost every feeling that humans can possibly feel, all of them one after the other, without any rhyme or reason.

This maddening phenomena is called PMS, or Pre-Menstrual Syndrome.

Ask 10 women what PMS does to them and we bet you’ll get 10 different answers! Some will say they bloat up and feel like a cow, some will tell you that their breasts become tender and almost unbearable, a few women get affected with hideous acne breakouts, while others will complain of headaches.

Basically, PMS is a result of changes in the hormone levels in your body. When estrogen and progesterone are unbalanced, they may lead to decrease in serotonin and endorphins causing mood swings. Research shows 75% women experience some or the other PMS symptoms in varying degrees. Continue reading