Why you may be binge eating

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Imagine holding your breath for 60-seconds.

Deprived of oxygen for a minute, your body starts to gasp for air, as soon as you breathe again.

Instead of slow, normal breaths, your body gulps in oxygen to re-calibrate.

When your body comes back into balance, you can return to your normal breath.

You need air to live. It’s vital life energy for every cell in your body.

WHY DEPRIVATION DIETS FAIL & cause binge eating

Now, imagine depriving your body of food for days, weeks, or months. I’m sure you know what that feels like. Continue reading here

by Lauren Fowler (RD)

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  1. Lauren Fowler RDN says:

    Thank you for sharing my article, but I kindly ask you to only quote a short paragraph of it and then link to it.

    • bonhappetee says:

      Sure, made the changes by reducing it further. Even earlier it was not the full article but 2 paragraphs
      Thanks 🙂
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