How to Please Your Woman This Valentine’s Day

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach they say, but trust me, so is a woman’s. Women love to eat just as much as men do.

And if you get the food equation right, your job of being the world’s best boyfriend is almost done. Food is the best way to show your affection and care towards anyone. Foodie or not, a little pampering with food will always win her over (yes, even if you have forgotten her birthday or your anniversary).

With the help of this article, bon happetee will tell you just how to get the foodgasms right.

Set Up a Table on the Terrace

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Eat out in the open and leave your gadgets behind

Fine dining? Boring! Set up a table on the terrace (or the balcony) instead, light some candles, and cook her favourite food. Rooftop dining, a fantastic city view, and just you two, beneath the stars. Skip long bills and traffic for this heartwarming setup. Don’t worry about cooking horribly, it’s the effort that matters


Get Cooking

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Cook her anything she likes, it doesn’t need to be fancy

Plan a stay-at-home date, and surprise her by cooking a meal all by yourself.  Have a light, 3-course meal and keep it light or she might fall asleep without eating dessert! Ahem…Set up her favourite chair, candles, pick out her dress even. Small details show you care.


Pamper her with a Breakfast in bed

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Sacrifice some sleep and make her breakfast. This will surely go a long way

Mornings can set the mood for the day, so this is where you really slay!  Wake up just a little before she does … and make her a lovely hot breakfast. Keep it simple, it’s the effort that counts more. Pair it with a cup of tea or coffee and you are good to go.


Bake her a Cake

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If it’s your first time, enjoy doing something new

It’s easy, more so than it looks. A simple cake, without any icing or ganache, will work just fine. Ordering food is easy too, but not as warming as baking or cooking. Plus you can get creative with that extra icing 😉


Help Her With Something That Has Been Stressing Her

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Cooking, buying materialistic possessions or travelling are obvious choices. However, if you really want to show your love and care, solve that one thing for her that has been a cause of concern. It could mean anything from putting down a presentation for her client to finding a nanny/cook for your home. Nothing beats this option.


Acknowledge her efforts

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Make her feel special

Praising her looks, her aura is one thing but really noticing her deeds and appreciating her efforts for it means a lot. It will motivate her to be a better version of herself. It shows you are glad for her existence.


Get Naughty

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Whipped cream, chocolates, need more suggestions?

Joey said, “I want girls on bread”.  We’ll leave this right here and move to the next 😉


Make her happy with chocolates

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Has she been in a bad mood today? Or did you get her mad? Whatever be the problem, there is nothing that chocolates cannot resolve. Like we mentioned in an earlier post, “Chocolate is the answer, who cares what the question is.” So pamper her with lots and lots of chocolates.


Take her out to her favourite place

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It could be a destination far off or a restaurant nearby. If there’s a place she’s been meaning to visit, take her there for that dazzling smile she’ll give you which will be priceless.

Totally worth it

– by Team bon happetee

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