Does nutrition information confuse you? Find calm in the chaos

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When it comes down to nutrition and fitness, everyone from experts, researchers, your grandmother, and the aunty next door to your maid; literally every single one seems to have the best approach to the key for healthy living. What, when and how much to eat is a topic that leads to many interesting debates and innovative ideas. And sometimes just ridiculous tips that we foodies get fed-up of.

There is an enormous pool of information about health, nutrition and fitness out there. Every blog and nutritional expert advice seems to shatter down age- old notions of staying fit and healthy. Even as an expert, I am baffled with the continuous evolving of nutrition science (for both, good and bad reasons). It can be strenuous to sift between health mantras that proclaim “Ditch the carbs!” ”Eat the good fats and stay away from saturated fats” “Drink that honey & lemon water to get rid of belly fat” “Eat less, move more” blah, blah blah… Phew! And between all that is said and all that is done, we end up demotivating ourselves and the dream of staying healthy goes right out of the window

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You wake up to a study splashing across the newspapers that says sugar affects the brain in the same way as cocaine and that sugar addiction must be treated as seriously as drug abuse and you pretty much make up your mind to stay away from the “White poison” and  then there comes along an interview by a famous diet expert preaching that sugar is an absolute essential to life and that moderation is the key. There goes your “Dieting”!

What when you have government campaigns and film stars convincing you to eat an egg every day, and you come across something like this! A study claims eggs are as unhealthy as smoking. No, I don’t intend to scare you, but this is just a small example of how misleading these pieces of information  could be!

Having counseled thousands of clients, I recognize how tedious eating healthy can get with all the conflicting nutrition information that surrounds you.

Have you have been depriving yourself from eating that one slice of chocolate cake and loading up on low-fat munchies in the faith of getting rid of the flab over your tummy?

Do you give yourself a hard time when you chose that one slice of bacon (that felt oh so good!) over a bowl of salad with a 40 % low-fat dressing?

Bon happetee weight loss and weight gain appDo you think health and nutrition is all about the google images with lean women eating a bowl of salad with an annoying smile? Are you still forcing yourself to eat only a bowl of salad for lunch and thinking it’s all you need to do to stay healthy? A salad is a good side dish and something to start your meals with. But if you make just a salad your entire lunch, you are inviting trouble. 

Let me tell you something..

You are not going to wake up all healthy with a fab body by making these choices (Sorry to burst your bubble!) and its only going to get worse!

Bon happetee weight loss and weight gain appThere is a lot of misinformation circling around mainstream nutrition and following these lies/myths is making you unhealthier than ever! Heard of stories that proclaim “saturated fats are bad for you?”, “Eat small frequent meals six times a day”, “eating fat will make you fat”? Well, this simple quote explains it all “Information is nutrition to your mind, and mainstream media is junk food!”

This might leave you zapped but what if all the facts and theories from the Pandora’s box of diet and fitness are making you nothing but vulnerable. How do we make practical sense to eating amidst all the confusion and conflict?

Here is bon happetee to your rescue! Let us help you navigate through the chaos with simple tricks to make the right choices that will not make you go on a starvation diet and will satisfy your taste buds because you will actually relish what you eat.

Trick 1: Use common sense

Common sense is rare when it comes to nutrition. We all know what is healthy and what is not, so why do we need experts to tell us what to eat and what not to. Here is how you can use your common sense to know the right deal for you

  • Know that eating healthy is not about how many calories you eat
  • No amount of supplements can replace a balanced diet
  • Low fat does not equal healthy, you can’t keep bingeing on those low-fat crackers
  • Cholesterol from food is not your enemy
  • Do not trust the mainstream media with nutrition advice. Read and follow relevant sources

Trick 2: Look at the bigger picture

Worrying about intricate details all the time will not make it any easier for you. In the times of all the opposing and conflicting information, fretting about soaking your nuts, buying “organic” veggies, to juice or not to juice etc. can make you drift away from the bigger picture. Getting stressed about all the conflicting intricacies will have a negative impact on your health and will just get you tangled in the conflict and chaos.

According to a study

  • People who were exposed to contradictory messages about nutrition topics expressed more confusion about those topics.
  • Those who expressed confusion also expressed more doubt about nutrition guidelines and were slightly less likely to adhere to healthy lifestyle recommendations

Trick 3: Control portion sizes

Do not kick yourself for choosing a biryani over a bland stir fry! Eat a small portion of that biryani and couple it with a mix veg raita and a bowl of veggies. Tadaa! It’s not that bad anymore. Eat smaller portions during indulgences and always couple them with a fruit, some sauted veggies, a salad, curd, buttermilk etc. This is how you get the best of both the worlds.

Bon happetee weight loss and weight gain app

The only way you can figure this out is by making informed choices. There is no standard diet plan to make you fab from fat overnight. In fact, there is strong evidence advocating “Dieting does not work”, and that that dieting is actually a consistent predictor of future weight gain.

We at bon happetee, help you love what you eat and eat what you love. After all, the idea of eating food should never arouse stress and tension when basically it is a delightful task. Eating what you love is the most pleasurable feeling that one can indulge in but we also need to understand the worth of what is at stake.

–  by Team bon happetee

Akansha JhalaniAkansha is the Founder and Consultant at Beyond the Weighing Scale. With a wide range of expertise and skills, she is adept to speak about nutrition, health, lifestyle management and physical activity. She is a popular food columnist, a passionate foodie, a health enthusiast, an avid traveller and a happy yogi.

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