11 Amusing Weight Loss Tricks You Wish You Had Known Earlier

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Hello fellow foodies, we hope you have been doing well, and have now started to get in shape with all the goody-foodie advice that we keep giving you. After having told you to always wake up early, brush your teeth after dinner, to never skip a meal, and even telling you various ways to lose kilos in a few months … today, we are bringing you a few, rather funny diet tricks, that may help you keep off that bulge.
How about trying to set a mental image that you can visualize every time you want to stop yourself from getting the third gulab jamun? Or trying to climb 50 steps each time someone comments on your weight (even though you want to punch them)? Here are a few more such tricks that work and are very easy to implement.

1. Don’t Eat in Your Pyjamas

Remember Joey putting on Rachel’s maternity pants when he wanted to finish a whole turkey? That’s exactly what happens when you eat in your jammies. They make you a little too comfortable than you should be, the reason why you don’t realize that tummy bulging underneath.

2. Flirt with The Dessert

Don’t be a hardcore romantic with your dessert, instead start flirting with your companion’s dessert and satisfy your sweet tooth. As people glare at you for making heavy inroads into their dessert, you will become conscious enough to put down your spoon. Mission accomplished!!

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3. Cake for Breakfast

Bon happetee weight loss app indiaNow because you put your spoon down last night, here’s a tip we’ll reward you with. What if we told you, you could have a cake for breakfast. (Yes, we know you love us. We do too 🙂 ) You might think we are nuts for suggesting our readers to eat cake first thing in the morning. But trust us, it will help you by keeping sweet cravings at bay throughout the day. As a thumb rule – sweet stuff consumed closer to sunrise can be less damaging than when eaten after sunset. Plus it also works on a psychological level as you know you have had your quota for the day.
However, make sure you have the will power to stop at just one slice and don’t do it everyday.

4. Smell Peppermint

We all know that peppermint aids in a lot of health issues like indigestion, urinary problems and even skin disorders. But did you know that simply smelling it can reduce your cravings and prevent you from overeating? You could also try sniffing an apple or a banana. The trick is to fool your brain into thinking you are actually eating the food.

5. Choose Coloured Dishes

Colours play a very important role when it comes to food. Ever wondered why you always tend to like a red drink better than a blue one? Similarly, using red plates or dishes while eating can significantly curb your hunger, while those that are white, blue, or green will encourage you to eat more. It wouldn’t be such a bad idea to play ‘colour colour which colour’ game from your childhood while choosing your plates!

6. Eat with the Opposite Sex

Start eating with the cute new intern at work or take your breaks with the guy you secretly have a crush on. Crush or not, you tend to feel more conscious around the opposite sex, and will always think twice before going for second helpings. Now remember, a burp during a dinner date or a fart while driving your date home has break-up written all over it.

7. Eat in Front of a Mirror

No friends available for the last trick? Well, that’s no problem, because you can still try this. Remember, you are your own best friend. Simply try eating in front of a mirror. Trust us, we all look ugly when going for the third and fourth helpings, the reason why you’ll definitely stop at the second one as you look at yourself.

8. Ribbons Ribbons

French women are considered to be the prettiest. So we bring to you one of their beauty tricks, which is very easy to try. They tie a ribbon around their waist to stay lean. How, you must be wondering! They simply stop eating when the ribbon starts to feel tight. Make sure you don’t go overboard though. Other way is to tie your belt one size tighter.

9. Use Chopsticks

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This must well be a reason why the Orient ranks the highest in fitness. It is just too damn hard to get any food between these things. So, try eating your daily meals with chopsticks, to make the little difference it can.

PS: It will work better if you don’t know how to eat with chopsticks though. 😉

10. Put that other hand to some use

A study released by the Journal of Personality &Social Psychology revealed that those who ate popcorn with their non-dominant hand, ate a lot lesser than those who ate with their dominant hand. How? Well, it just doesn’t feel very natural and half of the food does end up on the floor. So, you tend to give up eating sooner. Yay!

11. Vanilla-scented candles

If the one thing you blame for ruining your diet is sugar cravings, we suggest you simply try sniffing vanilla. Be it a candle or a perfume, or a scented patch on your body, it is said to help reduce sweet cravings considerably. Go vanilla!

As amusing and result-oriented as these tips must be, make sure you do not try anything that will take you even an inch away from being healthy. Do not ever forget that being fit is the sexiest of all.

-by Team bon happetee

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