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You don’t have to sacrifice your favourite dessert nor do you have to eat only salads to lose weight or to stay fit. Don’t believe us? Just try our app which is made by expert nutritionists and experienced coders that bring a healthy solution to your health management goals. It helps you pair your food with the right foods, at the right time in the right proportion. And that’s all it takes

We are your personal, AI nutritionist on the go. We have diet charts for you in the app along with meal recommendations because your time is valuable. 

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How to lose weight by overcoming the biggest barriers

Bon happetee indian food calorie counter app

“My life is a constant battle between my love of food and not wanting to be fat!” It’s a common dilemma with every foodie who wants to lose weight since he gives up his favourite foods in a bid to attain a perfect physique. Most dieters who are unable to view any change on the weighing scale often wonder where they are going wrong despite diligently following every rule in the diet book. They often get bogged down by questions like: I am eating soup and salad for dinner, still my weight refuses to budge or I work out regularly still weigh the same.

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Putting an end to a big, FAT debate..!!!

Does fat make you fat? Should you give up on meat if you want to keep heart diseases at bay? Is butter better than margarine? How many times have you tossed these questions into the universe and went bonkers thinking about ways you can cut off oils, butter and fats from your diet?

Bon happetee weight loss app india

Interestingly, we do not have a similar attitude towards other macro nutrients. While we may have a friendly approach towards carbs and proteins, when it comes to fats, it is totally different! We dread consuming fat and try to avoid it whenever possible. One of the prominent reasons why this notion is popular is that the word ‘fat’ is also used for the mass that accumulates in our body making us overweight! However, it’s a misconception. Continue reading