Getting started with bon happetee

You don’t have to sacrifice your favourite dessert nor do you have to eat only salads to lose weight or to stay fit. Don’t believe us? Just try our app which is made by expert nutritionists and experienced coders that bring a healthy solution to your health management goals. It helps you pair your food with the right foods, at the right time in the right proportion. And that’s all it takes

We are your personal, AI nutritionist on the go. We have diet charts for you in the app along with meal recommendations because your time is valuable. 

Here’s, a short guide to help you figure out the what, how and why

The home screen gives you a quick access to meal and activity logs, food recommendations and social features.

bon happetee lose weight fast at home



Day Score – Every meal logged should be a score of 8 or above to achieve an 8 or above day score out of 10.

Balanced Pro – This is your nutrition plan. You can choose from a variety of plans by going to the menu on the top right corner. You can also check what your plan entails by clicking on the button plan right next to progress button.

Here, you will find a breakdown of carbs, etc so you know how much to consume.

Today’s targets – Easy targets for the day, approved by our expert nutritionist


bon happetee lose weight fast at home


Choosing what to eat is made more simple. Know how much veggies, fruits, dairy, legumes, meat you need to have daily as per your requirement mentioned in the diet plan you choose.


Each plan has it’s own diet chart that will tell you what to consume and also give you meal suggestions.


Detox to diabetes, easy keto diet plan to low-carb, choose whatever you want to be on. Can’t decide which plan to choose? Simply ask our experts in the chat feature of the app and we will guide you

bon happetee lose weight fast at home








A daily diet chart with a variety of foods and variations from wake up to bedtime.

Now you don’t have to waste time thinking what to cook next. You will have a daily dynamic diet chart.

Click on view detail to find a meal suggestion


bon happetee lose weight fast at home





Track every calorie burnt.

Manually choose from a range of exercises.

You can also integrate google fit/ apple health and let it automatically track your steps.









bon happetee lose weight fast at home



Custom Meal Recommendations

We are all foodies just like you and we know how painful it is to eat boring food.

Our meal recommendations are designed around your taste and preferences and scaled to match your nutrition requirement.

Whatever food preference you choose is what meal suggestion you will get.

You can click on the refresh button on the right of each suggestion to get a new option.





bon happetee lose weight fast at home

Your Progress 

A  meal scoring system on a scale of 1 -10 where the score is derived from the overall portion of the meal, various nutrients & whether the meal has a balance of all essential food groups.A food database with more than 20,000 food dishes, especially, the hard to find Indian food dishes

Are you eating the right amount of calories and still not losing weight. We know why. It is more important to track the quality of foodWe will guide you on having enough from a variety of food groups essential to meet your nutrition requirements.

Scoring low on meals? Get a quick fix of the meal on a click.

Log before you eat and we are at the rescue to fix your meals.



bon happetee lose weight fast at home





bon community

Connect with your friends and other like-minded foodies, share health goals and your meals to motivate each other on your journey.

Got any doubts?

Post your questions, check what’s trending, participate in discussions and in challenges/quizzes.

Get a chance to win and be someone’s fitness goal



bon happetee lose weight fast at home


Heuristic Approach

See what went wrong and how you can fix it. We give you a complete analysis of your weight loss journey along with appropriate feedback to improve your habits.












What’s MORE with bon happetee…

You can always access all details from the more section which helps you update weight, review your nutrition summary, food dairy, give feedback and check out blogs.

With a motto of helping foodies eat what they love without guilt, bon happetee combines the love of food and analytics to help you eat what you love.

So let’s get started. Start by logging your meals for today right from breakfast onwards. Do this for 2 weeks and start noticing a visible change. After 2 weeks bon happetee will become your companion and fit into your lifestyle.

What’s your score 8 or more?

Download NOW – Score 8 to Lose Weight

Bon happetee weight loss and weight gain app


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