6 reasons to enjoy mangoes guilt-free this summer

Children love summers for two specific reasons – summer vacations and mangoes.

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As grown-ups, stepping into the humdrum of professional lives, while we can kiss the 2-month summer break goodbye, there is no need for us to give up on our favourite fruit – Mangoes. Beneath their sweet luscious taste, mangoes contain an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that assure your optimum health thus rightfully earning the title of ‘King of Fruits’.

Sadly, with concepts of calories and glycemic index becoming an everyday parlance, we are ditching the mangoes and their super-awesome nutritious value and natural sweetness.Bon happetee lose weight at home without exercise

With a glycaemic index of 56, this delicious fruit can be savoured even by diabetics provided it is eaten in moderation and at the right time, the ideal being a medium-sized mango as a mid-morning snack. While diabetics need to stay away from desserts which are packed with sugar, they can relish mangoes that are rich in fructose (a natural sugar) and fibre that won’t lead cause those dreaded sugar spikes.

From a weight loss perspective, a 100-gram serving of mango provides 60 calories which are only 8 calories higher than an apple which the Internet and most nutritionists label as a ‘superfood for weight loss’.

Now, let’s compare the satisfaction of eating a mango and an apple. The satisfaction derived from eating a mango wins hands down, right? After all, food is not about calories, but satiety and taste and here mango emerge as the king yet again!

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With zero cholesterol and 0.4-gram fat, you can eat the mangoes guilt-free on your weight loss program.

The best way to relish mangoes is to eat as a snack in itself. Or, if you are someone who loves mangoes with lunch/dinner, then cut down on roti/rice to ensure that you are not eating too many calories at a time. Remember to eat the mango and not drink aamras, because liquid calories get ingested faster and result in weight gain.

Additionally, a sweet tooth on a weight loss plan can cause you to binge on candy and sugar-filled junk foods. Mangoes are naturally sweet and can easily satisfy a sweet tooth, for fewer calories than desserts.

I am optimistic you are convinced with my explanation and are bringing back mangoes in your diet without fearing the weighing scale or sugar levels. ?

Moving ahead, I am listing some more amazing benefits of this super fruit:

  • Anti-ageing food: Mangoes are packed with Vitamin A and C which aid in collagen production that gives the skin strength and structure, and plays a role in the replacement of dead skin cells. These antioxidant vitamins neutralize the harmful free radicals that damage your skin and cause fine lines, wrinkles, sagging thus, giving you that radiant glow.
  • Immunity booster: With a single serving providing 60% of our daily requirement of Vitamin C, mangoes are a must-include for building up our immunity to combat all those infections that monsoons bring along. Additionally, Vitamin C facilitates iron absorption, which plays a key role in the efficient functioning of the immune system.
  • Promotes mental health: The glutamine acid content in mangoes enhances memory and concentration. An excellent source of Vitamin B-6 which is integral for synthesizing key neurotransmitters that are responsible for the smooth working of our nervous system; eating mangoes ensures super sharp brains.Bon happetee weight loss and weight gain app
  • Heart-friendly: With a powerful combination of potassium and magnesium, mangoes help in lowering blood pressure. Its pectin content possesses magical cholesterol-lowering properties, especially reducing the LDL (bad cholesterol) levels. Thus, mangoes are an effective way to keep your physique and heart in perfectly good shape!
  • Digestive tonic: Digestive enzymes in mangoes such as mangiferin, catechol oxidase, and lactase ensure the digestive tract is working like makhan (super smooth) through proper metabolism of proteins and fats. Bioactive ingredients such as esters, terpenes and aldehydes improve the functioning of the digestive system. Vitamin A, C and fibre act as natural laxatives, thus making mangoes the perfect cure for constipation.Bon happetee weight loss and weight gain app
  • Spices up your sex life: Mangoes brim with the goodness of Vitamin E which regulates the sex hormones and boosts the sex drive, increasing attraction, mood and sexual desires.

We, at bon happetee, believe that it is time to re-write the adage – ‘An apple a day, keeps the doctor away’ to ‘A mango a day in summers, keeps all your health woes away’. ?

After reading this blog, don’t you agree?
content writer. Bon happetee lose weight at home without exercise
Vishruta is a nutritionist by profession and a writer by heart. Content writing and menu planning have become her passions over the past few years. Love food, love life — is her mantra.

4 thoughts on “6 reasons to enjoy mangoes guilt-free this summer

  1. Sheetal chaher says:

    Amazing article, mango is my favourite fruit and now I can eat it without any guilt. I knew about it’s nutritional value but didn’t know that it has 0 cholesterol and olny 0.4 GMs of fats per 100 gms. Very informative

  2. Mansa says:

    Nice article and encouraging too 😉
    It’s my favorite although I keep myself away from it.
    Could you please help me make my nutrition plan that can help me/motivate me to my weight loss jiurney!

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