Things you do when you’re on a diet

The realization to lose weight hits you hard and you jump straight into dieting but being a foodie and trying to lose weight is a dangerous game. Don’t you agree?

All you have to do is be patient with yourself but does that even help, especially when the people around you make it their personal agenda to give you unsolicited advice about dieting which you are clearly fed up of hearing. You know what we are talking about, Mr Kapoor in the elevator who is your dad’s best bud or your nosy neighbour Pammi aunty, everyone has something or the other to say.

If you’ve ever been in such a position, you will clearly relate to some or all of the below.  Some of these tips are just so hilarious that makes you go like, “What the hell, are you for real?” (Well in your head, of course, you don’t want to be rude)

  • Sleep only for two hours at night. Better still, do not sleep at all.
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WOW ! Because who needs sleep to function properly in life. Sleep is for the weak.

  • Never have breakfast.

Wait, what? There is a reason its called breakfast! (break-the-fast)

  • Eat only once a day. You will lose AUTOMATICALLY.

Oh yes, absolutely. Eat only once a day and hello overeating at night!

  • Do not eat at all. Fill your stomach with tea, each time you are hungry.

Me, when someone gives me this brilliant piece of advice.

  • Never have anything except cucumbers for snack.

Yes, thank you…I carry them around in my bag. *face-palm*

  • Keep watching TV. It will keep your mind off food.
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Uh no! Who doesn’t reach out for junk food to munch on while watching TV?

  • Exert a lot during your period. You will burn twice as much.
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Ugh, no pain no gain? (in this case, loss)

  •  Give up meat completely.
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A life without meat? What kind of an existence is that?

  • Do not eat through the day and have an extremely heavy dinner.
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Yes yes yes! Torture your tummy all through the day and just when it is about to take a leave for the day, give it way more than it can handle.

  • Give up cheese, milk and all other dairy products.
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Why don’t I just become a vegan? *rolls eyes*

We really hope that you will not fall for any of the above ridiculous and misleading tips, and will always choose healthy lifestyle modifications. All you need is a little dedication and discipline. Pay attention to your diet, drink plenty of water, exercise regularly and develop good sleeping habits. This, and only this will ensure a healthy, long lasting weight loss, and a fit body. Hope you all had a good laugh over this.

Comment below and let us know if you have come across any such ridiculous diet tips and we will add them to the list 🙂

Team bon happetee 🙂

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