The dos, don’ts of eating sweets no one tells you

No one can dare say no to a chocolate, ice cream, gulab jamun or a brownie.

Almost all of us have a sweet tooth and love gorging on mithais or desserts, whether it’s a celebration or stressful situation. Giving our taste buds a sweet treat is perhaps the purest form of indulgence which gives us a happy high.

Now, pick any sweet and you know that it is laden with sugar and fat which makes it super high in calories. And too many calories translate into weight gain which implies you can kiss away all your diet plan for losing weight. Sad reality!!

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But don’t worry, at bon happetee, we understand those sugar cravings and completely adhere to the belief that you must give in to your taste buds. After all, healthy is out, smart is in and we are here to make sure you follow the smart way to lose weight.

Before you chomp-chomp on the desserts, here are 3 principles to control going overboard on sugar:

  1. Reduce the overall sugar consumption in the day –

Let’s say you have 2 teaspoons of sugar in every cup of tea/coffee and have 3 cups of tea/coffee in a day, then reduce the consumption to 1 teaspoon of sugar per cup. Simple, isn’t it? OR if you still prefer your tea to be extra sweet just have one less cup.

  1. Minimize sugar in one sitting/meal/snack –

Now, let’s assume that at teatime, you want to have a cream biscuit or cookie and sugar in your tea as well. You are eating too much sugar at one go (4-5 teaspoons). And it is common sense that coffee/tea doesn’t taste sweet when you eat your brownie, muffin or cookie with it. So, go ahead and enjoy that brownie, but cut the sugar from the coffee.

Bon happetee indian food calorie counter app

Now that’s doable, right?

  1. Time of consumption of sugar –

Timing matters, when you decide to give your taste buds a sugary treat.

Since you are more active in the day versus evening, you can give your sugar cravings, by eating a piece of your favourite mithai as a mid-morning snack. The sugar in the mithai will be utilized as an energy source for your daily activities, instead of being stored as fat. Or if you are craving for chocolate, a slice cake, fruit juice or milkshake, you can have it after a gruelling exercise session because post exercise the body needs instant energy for replenishing its glycogen stores.

In fact, early morning and before noon are the best times to eat sugar. Alternatively, you can have your sweet treat, around 2 hours’ post breakfast or lunch as well. Bear in mind, to avoid sugars after 6 pm including fruits, because the body is winding up for the day and doesn’t need simple sugars for its daily activities. Get the timing right and you can enjoy your sweets guilt-free!Bon happetee indian food calorie counter app

Here are some easy-peasy tips to combat &/or give in to your sugar cravings:

  • When the craving gets high, do not restrict yourself. Instead, first try to have the small portion of the sweet and then play the wait and watch the game. Chances are high that you will feel satisfied with the tiny bite of mithai you just ate. It’s the first bite that gives you the maximum high and more often than not helps in curbing down your sugar craving. Bon happetee indian food calorie counter app
  • Look for smarter swaps, like dark chocolate over milk chocolate; an ice-cream over pastry; or a nut-based or milk-based sweet such as rasgulla, rasmalai over a sweet which is high in both sugar and fat, such as gulab jamun.
  • Preparing desserts at home using skimmed milk for shrikhand, kheer, phirni, or fruit custard ensures that both the calories and taste buds are taken care of.
  • Opt for natural unrefined options like dates, jaggery, palm sugar, figs for sweetening desserts. For example, chopped dates in your breakfast cereal or yoghurt granolas are far healthier choices than using refined sugar.
  • Steer clear of artificial sweeteners like sucralose, aspartame since these chemicals intensify your sugar cravings.
  • Eating small, frequent meals is the simplest trick in the book to keep sugar cravings in check. Eating frequently disciplines the mind and body to get used to eating every 2-3 hours which keeps you from overeatingBon happetee indian food calorie counter app

And guess what?

With bon happetee – the best diet app, we have introduced a feature on what you feel like eating and if you are craving for something meetha, you can add that and our app will provide you a straightforward way to indulge without worrying about weight. With a variety of sweet options to choose from and the recommended portion size, it doesn’t get simpler than this.

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Bon happetee indian food calorie counter app

Toh kuch meetha ho jaaye?

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