7 Breakfast ideas with a high score

Bon happetee indian food logging app

We have always talked about the importance of breakfast and we can’t seem to stress on it enough.  Food is our fuel and breakfast is the first meal of the day that breaks our night long fast.  Scoring high on your breakfast kick-starts your day at a healthier note and with our help, you can make it yummy as well.

With bon happetee diet app you get health and tasty and how do we do it? Well, apart from giving you personalized meal recommendations, we also score your meal!

So, what do we mean by scoring? Well, meal scoring is our proprietary  process of assessing whether your meals help reach your daily targets. We take latest developments in nutrition science and combine that with algorithms and nutrition data to arrive at a meal score, on scale of 1-10 to tell you how good your meal is.

Mostly a meal score of 8 or more is considered good.

The score considers things like overall portion of the meal, various nutrients and whether the meal is balanced with various kinds of food groups the body needs. And that’s not it – if the score is low the algorithm is as smart as a nutrition expert to tell you how to improve your meal to meet your daily target.

For now, to make your week easier, we bring to you 7 breakfast ideas for 7 days of the week that are not only tasty but also score high on our app. Healthy and tasty! What more do you want to kick-start your days.


Mondays are hectic to say the least, hence prepare a quick and tasty meal that’s filling as well.

Peanut butter, bread, fruit, milk

Bon happetee indian food logging app


We know the weekend seems so far away, have sunny-side up and brighten up your day!

Fried egg, toast, tomatoes, avocado

Bon happetee indian food logging app


Let’s take a mid-week trip down south!

Dosa, coconut chutney, sambhar

Bon happetee indian food logging app


It’s throw back Thursday! Let’s indulge in a little aloo paratha and reminisce the old school days. Aloo paratha,curd, fruit


F for Fri-yay, F for fried eggs with a little bacon of course

 Fried egg, bacon, beans, wedges

Bon happetee indian food logging app



Let’s mix and match!

Pav, egg bhurji, fruit

Bon happetee indian food logging app


Sunday is your day. So, today have whatever you feel like 🙂

Would you have ever thought that eating a healthy, tasty and filling breakfast would be so easy? And what’s more, every day is a new meal so your taste buds don’t get bored. That’s how easy it is with our app.

Score 8 to lose weight

Bon happetee indian food logging app

So now, leave the headache of counting calories, carbs proteins etc on us. Download bon happetee and play it like a game for 5 mins daily and lose weight by achieving scores of 8 and above.

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