‘I got fit by eating everything!’

Bon happetee best diet plan app

Bon happetee best diet plan app

Having struggled with my weight almost since teenage, the first concern for me when I learnt about my pregnancy was my weight. Though I had successfully lost and maintained my weight a few years ago, I was still afraid of gaining weight during pregnancy.

Well, all my fears came true when I put on a whopping 17-18kgs during my pregnancy. Initially, I managed to lose some of it post delivery and was happy. But with erratic schedules and taking care of the baby, I piled on more weight. So it was a total of 20kgs gain vis-a-vis my pre-pregnancy weight.

When I decided to finally lose that weight (around the time my baby started weaning) I came across the best diet app- bon happétee. And it helped me change the way I looked at food and ate.

Usually, with the baby around, I used to skip meals or just eat whatever I could make or whatever I could find either in the fridge or the cupboard. But that changed since I started logging all my meals in this diet plan app for weight loss. I was more conscious, more careful of what I ate and more than that How much I ate!! The best thing about the app is that I could eat whatever I liked, no starving myself, no depriving myself of anything, no crash dieting… It was a foodie’s dream come true. I literally ate EVERYTHING!!! From cheese to paneer to parathas, chocolates and ghee and yes RICE too!!!

Bon happetee best diet plan app

Bon happetee best diet plan app

This diet app helped me in understanding the proportions of what I eat. I lost the 19kgs in around 6 months.

Even today I continue to log in what I eat regularly. I have started planning for meals in advance and not just me but my husband also helps me in it. We have started making healthier choices in what we eat.

The difference in this weight loss and the earlier ones is that today I feel much fitter, more energetic and have that stamina which I lacked to a great extent earlier. Since my body does not crave for anything much, every day is a cheat day for me!! With the help of the app, I now eat sweets/desserts at or after breakfast and it helps me satisfy my sweet tooth too.

Big thanks to the team of bon happétee for making this amazing app. It has made weight loss for a foodie not only enjoyable but also achievable!!

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Bon happetee best diet plan app

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