How to beat stress naturally – Stress Buster Foods

Do you know why you eat desserts when you’re stressed? Because stressed spelt backwards is desserts!

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Sure, you have read that message doing the rounds on What’s App or Facebook.

Yes, we all have tried to drown our sorrows in a brownie, ice cream or chocolate. Interestingly, there is a logic behind it – Stress increases the level of the hormone cortisol which increases our cravings for sugar. So, partly we cannot be blamed for it, right?

But then, stress is always a part of our life – whether it’s at home, work or both. And if this feeling of blue makes us reach out for sweets every time, our health and weight will go for a toss.

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At bon happetee, we know it’s not easy to choose an apple over a chocolate when you are all worked up. So, we present to you some doable real-life situations and how you can eat right to beat stress:

A job interview:

A brownie or cookies are the usual crutch we use to tide over this common situation we tackle. Before stepping out for that important interview, grab a whole-wheat paneer or egg sandwich.

Why? Because paneer and eggs are an excellent source of B-complex vitamins that keep anxiety at bay. Along with the goodness of whole wheat, it will provide you stable energy to sail through the situation. During stress, dairy products are a healthy choice because they are rich in tryptophan which releases serotonin, the feel-good hormone.

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A big presentation/ project deadline:

Sleepless nights, cups of coffee and ice-cream tubs become our best friends when there is a presentation or deadline.Delegating responsibility and effective time management is one way to solve this problem. Choosing healthy food would be the smarter way to fighting it.

Eat your greens – sure you’ve heard mum say that so often during childhood. Now, it’s time to follow mum’s advice again. We can find the goodness of magnesium and Vitamin C in all green leafy vegetables which helps in combating stress effectively.

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Now, we know greens don’t really appeal to your taste.So, try a palak paratha, palak pulao or a methi thepla –blend in greens and grains and you’ve got a nutritious way to beat the blues.


Ahh! The mention of exams is enough to get you all frantic.You resort to hot chocolate and coffee to help you burn the midnight oil weeks or days before the all-important exam. A systematic study schedule can prevent staying up all night to study. Making healthier food choices would help you tide over exams in a smooth way.

Make friends with dried fruits and nuts to ensure good marks. Nuts brim with the goodness of essential fats, B-complex vitamins and protein whereas dried fruits pack in carbohydrates. These nutrients, especially Omega- 3 fats and carbohydratesboost your brain power – especially memory and concentration. And that’s all we need to ace an exam!

Store them in air-tight jars at your study table. Munch them in moderation. We don’t want a post-exam belly, right? ?

Before appearing for the paper, eat a wholesome meal such as veggie paratha with curd, idli- sambhar or egg bhurji with chapati. It will ensure the slow and steady release of glucose, which is the fuel for our brain.Getting a good night’s sleep before the exam is an effective idea to keep stress hormones away. So, eat right and sleep tight – that’s the mantra to crack the exam!

For the multi-tasking women

Women are saddled with so many responsibilities, which makes them stressed out. So, all the women out there, ensure you are eating right because, without you, everything will fall apart. And when you eat right, the family gets their meals right.So, fill your plates with veggies, fruits, nuts, dairy products and whole grains. These foods are going to go a long way to keep you and your family stress-free.

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In a nutshell, food not only provides adequate nutrition, but also empowers you to beat stress effectively. Just make the right food choices and you’ve unlocked the key to good mental and physical health!

Btw, savour that dessert once you clear that job interview, finish your exams or submit your project.After all, any accomplishment tastes best with a sweet ?

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Vishruta is a nutritionist by profession and a writer by heart. Content writing and menu planning have become her passions over the past few years. Love food, love life — is her mantra.


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