Why we need to take a working mother’s health seriously

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Women are super multitaskers. Apart from taking charge at work, women play a key role in the nutrition and overall health of the family. They are the healthy policymakers at home and pass on the food culture from one generation to other. With constant multitasking and taking charge on numerous fronts, women often forget to take care of themselves.

I have heard from numerous women that ‘they go running around like a headless chicken after work to make meals’ or ‘they have no clue how the day passes by and meal timings are always a struggle’. This leads to a stressed life and mental exhaustion that build up day after day. Well, it is a choice that we as women make but what if an app helps you out, with ALL things FOOD!? Try bon happetee and unveil the science of healthy indulgence. bon happetee is your chef and nutritionist, working as your companion towards a healthier life!

bon happetee churns out lifestyle hacks that can make you sail smoothly in the kitchen like a pro!? Here are ways to weather the storm:

  • Plan in advance: If you manage to take out an hour’s time every weekend over your next week’s kitchen menu and stock, you are sorted for the entire week. After all, how much time does it take to cook up your son’s favourite rajma for tiffin if you already have pre-soaked rajma and some tomato gravy lying in the freezer? Keep the menu handy either in your fridge or on your smartphone and share it with your cook/bai too, so that they are aware of it as well.

Bon happetee weight loss and weight gain app

  • Read the ingredient list before buying: In a modern kitchen, You cannot overlook or deny the stocking up on packet foods in the modern kitchen. Especially, when one has to give in to the whims and fancies of children. But being a modern woman, one can at least pick up products after a short scrutiny. Glance at their ingredient list and select the brand which is the healthiest. Wheat bread over white bread, semolina pasta over processed flour pasta and nuts and honey cookies instead of plain chocolate ones are better choices.

Bon happetee weight loss and weight gain app

  • Remember you are not a superwoman (even though you are) and it’s okay to ask for help: Everything is not your responsibility. So, do not hesitate to delegate a few of your jobs to family members. You can always ask your children to get their uniforms ready, pack their own bags and clean their own room. Your family loves you and would be more than willing to help you. Household chores are their responsibility too, as they are part of the household too.
  • Include seasonal and fresh produce in your menu for the week: Remember to pick up seasonal and fresh produce for the kitchen menu for the week. Encourage your family to eat healthily. If you have healthy and fresh produce stocked, you can prepare healthier and quicker snacks in a jiffy. For instance, fresh corn stocked in the fridge can be boiled or roasted and served as an evening snack.

All these little points add up to your efficiency in the kitchen and help you go about it more easily. Let go of that guilt and your idea of perfection. It’s okay if the house is a mess some days! It’s perfectly okay if the sheets are not changed in time. Learn to enjoy life too! If stress takes over your happy persona, you might have to lose out on a lot!

Akansha is the Founder and Consultant at Beyond the Weighing Scale. With a wide range of expertise and skills, she is adept to speak about nutrition, health, lifestyle management and physical activity. She is a popular food columnist, a passionate foodie, a health enthusiast, an avid traveller and a happy yogi.

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