The PPTF approach to eat what you love

As a foodie, I can’t resist pastry, fries and pizza. But as a nutritionist, I know gorging on these foods will make me fat and bring along a bundle of health problems. Fortunately, the battle between the foodie and the nutritionist has found a middle-ground – The PPTF approach. I follow the principles of pairing, portions, timing and frequency to eat every dish I love.

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And if you want to keep a tab over your weight and health, I strongly recommend you to follow it. I assure you that can savour every dish you love without fretting about the weighing scale, provided you follow this mantra. So, let’s start understanding how you can apply this approach to your favourite foods.

I am sure paratha is your favourite breakfast; it’s something you would love to eat daily. And guess what.. your wish might just come true if you find the portion size and the perfect pair for your paratha.

Restrict yourself to a medium-sized paratha and pair it with either a bowl of curd, sprout salad or an egg. This way, you’ve got a power-packed breakfast that you love without worrying about your weight.

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Chalo, let’s move on to another of your favourites – Rice.

I relish rice guilt-free. My trick – I restrict myself to a bowl of rice and I ensure that I always eat rice along with a protein and fibre-rich dish to keep the glycemic index and load in check.

A bowl of rajma, dal or palak paneer – they’re my favourite accompaniments to rice. And if I am still hungry, I would eat a salad instead of an extra helping of rice.

So, here again, I have got my pairing and portion right to eat the dish that tantalizes my taste buds.

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If you wish to have a complete meal consisting of roti, rice, dal and sabzi, cut down a roti and eat half a bowl of rice instead to balance the calories.

It’s time you get rice back on to your plate, isn’t it?

Next, we’ll discuss foods that uplift my mood in seconds – brownie, pastry and chocolate. I can see you flashing your widest smile.

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Go ahead and have a brownie or pastry for breakfast. But, don’t forget to get that upma, poha, bread and idli off your plate. Brownie and pastry are a source of carbohydrates. When we eat them along with our breakfast, we are doubling our carb intake. And the only way our body knows to store the extra carbs is by converting it to fat. Another smart thing to do is cut the sugar from the coffee/tea when you have a brownie or cookie with it.

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For chocolates, have a small piece when you feel your craving is getting out of control. A small piece of dark chocolate at the right time will keep you away from wolfing down an entire bar later. With chocolate remember the bitter, the better concept works best.

Now, you’ve cleared level one of smart eating. You have mastered pairing and portion size!

But, we want to become an expert at timing and frequency as well to earn the title of a ‘smart eater’.

So, let’s continue exploring our favourite dishes.

Are you craving for slice cake, muffins, banana, mango or potatoes?

Post workout is a good time to indulge your taste buds. The sugar in your favourite foods will be used for energy instead of getting stored as fat.

Bon happetee indian food logging appGet your timing right and your taste buds will always be in for a tasty treat. Who doesn’t loves milkshakes and smoothies?

The good news is that you can savour it post a gruelling gym session, run or brisk walk. The body needs carbs for refuelling glycogen stores and what better way to fuel it than a milkshake, right? See, it’s all about the timing. 😉

So, you’ve cleared level 2!

Now comes the trickiest concept – Frequency.

The ground rule here is to stick to the principle your grandma followed: Savour these dishes for special occasions – birthdays, anniversaries, a big promotion, festivals.

But, then that kind of restricts the treats doesn’t it?

I have a super plan – You can treat these as a reward. If you have completed a project within the deadline, your kid has achieved excellent grades or you’ve surpassed the weight loss goal for the week. Such occasions call for pampering the taste buds.

There are no cheat meals, only reward meals 🙂 

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The minute you learn how to balance the frequency of your favourite dishes, you’ll clear the most important stage of smart eating.

With these guidelines, you’ll master the complicated frequency in no time.

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Congratulations! Now, you have rightfully earned the title of ‘Smart Eater’. Feels so good, doesn’t it?

I guess I have covered all your favourite dishes and the smart way for you to savour them. If there is some food I have missed, I advocate that you download the Bon Happetee app. It is based on PPTF model and understands your cravings. This foodie app will guide you on how to eat smart without piling the pounds. The app will take away all the guilt associated with fried foods, desserts and carb-rich foods. It will bring back the pleasure associated with your favourite meals.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this amazing app from here

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Vishruta is a nutritionist by profession and a writer by heart. Content writing and menu planning have become her passions over the past few years. Love food, love life — is her mantra.

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