How I lost 40 pounds without giving up on food

Nutrition is NOT veggies and fruits. Fitness is NOT six packs and size zero.

Try this! On a Google image search.

Search for the word ‘Nutrition’. What do you see?

Bon happetee weight loss app india

Now try ‘Fitness’!!

Bon happetee weight loss app india

The current approach to health (as is evident from this basic Google image search for the words nutrition or fitness) is unreal, unachievable and above all untrue. That is the curated world of fitness for you.

It is de-motivating for an average individual to visualize nutrition with only green vegetables and fruits and visualize fitness with six packs and size zero. And guess what? Green veggies and fruits are not even 50% of your daily diet requirement.

People’s misinformation about food pains me very much. It bothers me when they treat food in this binary manner. “Yeh Healthy hai” “Yeh unhealthy hai” !!

Add to this their ignorance about food. Let’s take an example –

If you know, it isn’t good for you to eat doughnut which is refined carb and sugar, and still eat it, it is OK – at least you know what you are eating. But what is unbelievable is when you eat those breakfast cereals or packaged soups, noodles and lunches thinking they are good and stop eating the foods you grew up eating – like the home cooked stuffed parathas, upma, dosa, poha et al.

Bon happetee weight loss app india

Today we are either guilty after eating a samosa and gulab jamun or unhappy after a salad. This dichotomy between taste and health did not exist a few decades ago. Our ancestors did not have to think twice before eating these fried foods or sweet treats. And forget counting, they did not even know the meaning of calories, carbs and proteins.

Today we know all about calories, low fat, low carb, fibre rich and yet diseases linked to diet and obesity have grown 5 fold in the past few decades.

People tell me that it was different back then; our ancestors had different lifestyles. Well, I think it is total BS. I don’t remember my grandfather walking 10 miles a day? Do you?? And even if they did, so what?

Today even after 6 days a week of regular workouts we are scared of eating pizza or grabbing a cone of ice cream.

To quote Wendell Berry – “People are fed by the food industry, which pays no attention to health, and is treated by the Health industry, which pays no attention to food”!!

A few years ago, I decided to take up this challenge to change the way the world looks at food, diet and fitness and build the future of eating right.

These ideas and urge came from my personal journey of a lifestyle change of losing 40 pounds and later running a full marathon after recovering from a broken back, all this while keeping my love of food and doing everything as per my convenience.

Interestingly – doing this was not at all tough – the struggle was finding the right way to do it. Now, I am not a nutrition expert or a doctor but I am a common man who understands this pain from another common man’s point of view. 

I’m a foodie, a self-proclaimed chef and a ‘real’ fitness freak. I eat chocolate 3 times a week, I eat red meat, and I eat cheese almost every day. But, I am as healthy as one should be. I have solved the conflict between love of food and not wanting to get fat.

So now, along with my mathematician friends and technology buffs as co-founders of ‘bon happetee’ we bring this solution to you in the palm of your hands in the form of a mobile app.

Initially – We got a lot of pushback saying “this is a very cluttered industry and diet and fitness is a very competitive market” and so on. If it is a cluttered and competitive industry, then why are people still unfit and why is that number of unfit people only going up.

There are over 1700 fad diets and over 13000 health and fitness apps, yet over 75% healthcare spends are on diseases linked to diet.

We believe there is no competition until there is a solution. 

However, that is not even the point. This problem is like a huge puzzle and we intend to be an important piece in solving this.

Our product ameliorates a very key drawback in the current preventive healthcare solutions, making the journey of a lifestyle change — fun, delicious and importantly, successful. bon happetee is a scientific endeavour that uses data-driven personalization and metabolic and tastes profiling of users to solve the conflict between love of food and staying fit in a convenient and practical manner.

Give it a try. Our data shows that there is a 90% chance of a noticeable weight loss if you use the app regularly for 8-12 weeks

We need to change the way the world looks at food, diet and fitness; we need to make it convenient, fun and sustainable.

bon happetee –  a holistic nutrition & lifestyle ecosystem

Bon happetee weight loss app india


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Rishi Bhojnagarwala (CO-founder @ bon happetee)

A Visual artist and storyteller at heart, Rishi is trying to combine that with his passion for food & fitness to simplify healthy living for individuals.

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