Your Holi delicacies have numerous health benefits

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For most people, Holi is the festival of colours, water guns, and mischief which marks the beginning of spring. For foodies, Holi is the time to gorge on mouth-watering delicacies.

Like every Indian festival, Holi is noshing down dahi wada, gujiya, malpua, and gulping down glass after glass of the famous cooling thandai!

But, what if we told you that apart from taste, there are numerous health benefits of these greasy and sugary titbits that you eat on Holi– only if you master the right portion size?

And the good news: you can savour these treats not just on Holi, but the year around.

Keep reading to know more.

Here’s presenting a cheat sheet of your favourite Holi munchies:

Dahi wada and kanji wada

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The savoury urad dal dumplings swimming in a baby pool of chilled curd are a veritable delight. Dahi wada is the easiest and tastiest way to up your protein quota. And the brown and green chutney – aka meethi and teekhi chutney – are packed in a solid nutrition punch with iron, fibre and Vitamin A.  And a sprinkling of roasted jeera on the top makes this snack easy to digest.

On the other hand, kanji wada are moong dal dumplings soaked overnight in mustard and hing water. This probiotic water works as a great digestive and refreshing drink. 2 medium sized curds (dahi) or kanji wada make an ideal in-between snack.


The crescent-shaped and sweetened version of samosa, gujiyas are synonymous with Holi. Stuffed with dry fruits, nuts, seeds, and khoya, they are teeming with nutrients. However, since gujiyas are deep-fried in ghee and coated in sugar syrup, it’s best to keep your intake to the size of your thumb.

Puran poli

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This jaggery-sweetened chana dal paratha is a popular Holi dish in Maharashtra. The combination of whole wheat flour and dal offers the ideal amino acid ratio whereas jaggery allows you to meet your iron needs. A medium sized puran poli is a breakfast you can relish when you are craving for something indulgent yet nutritious.

Moong dal kachori

Super crunchy and spicy, this kachori balances a perfect carb-protein ratio and therefore makes for a wholesome snack. Add a bowl of aloo rassa/curry and you’ve got a king-size breakfast. But, enjoy this fat-laden savoury nosh, not more than once or twice a month.


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These melt-in-the-mouth miniature pancakes magically dissolve on the tongue. However, restrict yourself to one or two malpuas as this sweet is prepared with refined flour, sugar and is deep-fried in ghee.


Milk never tasted so good! Thandai is a nutritious beverage because it is laced with dry fruits and spices. The spices boost your metabolism; the dry fruits supply your quota of essential fats and the milk takes care of your calcium needs. And the strands of saffron add colour and health to this super potion.

With bhaang, thandai brings the fun element of Holi. On the other days, you can sip on a small glass of this high-calorie and sugary drink as a mid-morning snack.

While you gear up with the gulaal, water guns and vibrant spirits this Holi, don’t forget to treat the foodie in you. This Holi, we want you to play and eat to your heart’s content.

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A happy and colourful Holi from team bon happetee 🙂

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