Beat the heat with these summer coolers

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The scorching summer season is here. And to beat the heat, you’re always looking for a cool drink to hang out with. Now, you know that colas are not cool – they’re loaded with sugar, preservatives, pesticides, and what not.

Fortunately, you’ve got an array of natural drinks to choose.

From the luscious aamras to the refreshing kokum sherbet, nimbu pani, and sugarcane juice, these summer beverages hydrate and energize you. What’s more, these drinks offer an array of amazing health benefits.

So let’s get started on why you must sip on these cool beverages:


This mango milkshake is the best – and the yummiest – thing about summer. The sweetness of juicy mangoes explodes in your mouth and fuels you instantly. The king of fruits, mangoes, is a storehouse of Vitamin A, C, magnesium and potassium; these nutrients boost immunity, prevent ageing, promote digestion and protect your heart. The dash of milk injects a dose of calcium and protein to this nutritious drink.

Sugarcane juice

The much-loved drink is an immediate energy and mood lifter courtesy its boost of natural glucose. The flavonoids and phenolic compounds in sugarcane juice aid in digestion and detoxification. These antioxidants protect the liver from damage and speed up recovery after jaundice. A natural diuretic, sugarcane juice treats urinary tract infections, kidney stones and maintains proper functioning of the kidneys.

Coconut water

This super energizing drink replenishes the salts and water you lose due to dehydration in the summer heat. Coconut water has been labelled as nature’s sports drink for its ideal electrolyte balance and ability to prevent muscle cramps. Regularly drinking coconut water keeps common hair and skin problems such as acne, hair fall, dandruff, wrinkles and blemishes at bay.


Kokum sherbet

A glass of this refreshing drink made from an indigenous berry charges you up straight away. Kokum is packed with hydroxycitric acid which boosts your metabolism and suppresses appetite, thus aiding weight loss. This super berry is enriched with anthocyanins and garcinol, two powerful antioxidants, which sharpen your memory, keep your heart healthy, improve eyesight, and reduce cancer risk.

Bael sherbet

The bael sherbet (wood apple juice) is an intrinsic coolant which rehydrates you instantly. Rich in fibre, this drink prevents sugar spikes and plunges in diabetics. Its rich thiamine, riboflavin, and beta-carotene content boost liver health. A natural source of Feronia Gum, bael sherbet cures constipation and is recommended for treating peptic ulcers, diarrhoea, dysentery, and piles.


A popular rural drink from North India, sattu is finding its place in the urban set-up as a desi whey protein shake. Sattu makes an ideal summer drink as it prevents the body from overheating and brings down the body temperature significantly. High in protein and fibre, this nourishing beverage balances sugar levels and hunger pangs well. Sattu is a rich source of iron and magnesium which promote healthy hair and radiant, flawless skin. You can enjoy this drink in both sweet and savoury variants.

Rose milk

This delicious drink which matches the blush of the cheeks delivers the benefits of dairy and rose petals. Rose cures respiratory disorders, relieves stress and decreases bloating. Milk ups the nutrient profile by adding a generous quota of calcium, protein and Vitamin A. A dash of sabja (chia seeds) on the top packs in a nutritional punch with Omega 3 fatty acids. This essential fat plays a vital role in lowering blood pressure, cholesterol levels and improving brain function.

Nimbu Pani

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The humble shikanji is among the most popular and effective summer coolers. A generous amount of lemon makes it an excellent detox drink and a rich source of the immunity-boosting Vitamin A. Packed with sugar, nimbu pani gives an immediate energy boost.

Chaas and lassi

Both chaas and lassi are suffused with the probiotic goodness of curd which enhances digestion, strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation. Additionally, the curd is an excellent source of calcium, a key mineral for healthy bones and lowering blood pressure.

Kairi Panna

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This khatta-meetha drink made from raw mangoes is a perfect antidote for all summer ailments – sunstroke, dehydration and digestive disorders. A rich source of niacin, kairi or raw mango lowers cholesterol levels and blood pressure. What’s more, kairi panna is loaded with glutamine acid which increases your memory and concentration.

Now you’ve got ample reasons and healthier drinks than colas and tetra-pack fruit juices to sip on and quench your thirst.

But before signing off, learn how to savour these summer coolers guilt-free:

Remember liquid calories get ingested faster and result in weight gain; so restrict yourself to a 125-150 ml serving.

Also, these coolers contain a significant number of calories and hence it’s best to have them as a meal in itself. So, instead of eating aamras with puri, savor aamras as a mid-morning or a post-workout meal. That way, you’ll be able to relish this nutritious, calorie-rich drink without piling on any weight.

Happy smart drinking this summer 🙂


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