6 tasty low carb Indian dinner ideas to make your weekdays interesting

Low-carb dinners or keto meals is a popular trend with weight watchers. Also, those who feel a little bloated after eating dinner, they may want to reduce their carb intake in the evening meal. However, most first timers struggle with easy and tasty low-carb recipes. They are even worried whether it will fill their tummy. Or would they find the food to be bland and boring? Bon Happétee has put together 6 yummy and satiating low carb Indian dinner ideas.

But before we go into that, let’s understand why low-carb dinners work magic for shedding the flab.

We are often told that carbs are considered villains for weight gain. On the other hand, proteins are the heroes of weight loss. Because proteins rev up metabolism, shrink appetite, and decrease hunger hormones.

We also know that dinner must be light. So, eating a protein-rich dinner will ensure a light dinner.

That said it’s important to know that eliminating carbs from dinner is never a good idea. Carbs play a key role in ensuring a good night’s sleep and regular bowels. Thus, it’s a wise choice to eat a wholesome evening snack like a sandwich, wrap, or bhel. This 200-calorie meal ensures you grab your carb quota and eat light at night.

Now let’s look at what a low carb Indian dinner looks like:

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Mushroom and tofu tikka:

The vegan super food, tofu or soy paneer has become popular due to its high protein content. When combined with mushroom, onions and bell peppers, it creates a dish that scores great on taste and nutrition. This dinner packs in fiber and protein, the magic nutrients for easy-healthy weight loss.

Rajma curry with koshambir :

Your favourite rajma is one of the yummiest low-carb dinners. And it’s loaded with nutrients – protein, fiber, zinc, and iron. And when you eat something you love; your taste buds couldn’t be happier. Koshambir injects probiotics and antioxidants which elevate both health and taste.

Quinoa pulao:

Consider including high-protein quinoa in your meal instead of high-carb rice. In a wok, toss in some oil, colourful veggies, spices, quinoa, and water. Cook for 10-15 minutes till the quinoa becomes soft. And voila! You’ve got a delicious dinner that makes you feel full.

Quinoa is the only grain that packs in all the essential amino acids. Also, it’s loaded with oleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid which reduce bad cholesterol and increase high cholesterol. Your heart will definitely thank you!

Paneer in every form:

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The nutritious paneer is a versatile and popular ingredient for many low-carb dinners. You can make a paneer bhurji with veggies and traditional spices. For a more elaborate meal, you can prepare a paneer cutlet, stir-fry or chaat. Paneer with vegetables is a good food pairing as it tantalizes taste buds and sates appetite with fewer calories. Furthermore, the calcium in paneer bumps up fat loss.

Stuffed chilla:

Besan/moong dal chilla stands among the most common low-carb dishes. It’s a protein-packed dish that wraps in flavour and satiety. You can bring variety by trying different stuffing such as paneer, stir-fry veggies or kachumber.

My favourite – chopped tomato with a dash of dahi, green chutney and chaat masala

Grilled fish/chicken with veggies:

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Both fish and chicken are good sources of protein. And grilled veggies boost the fiber intake. The result: a delicious dinner loaded with taste, nutrients, and fewer calories. Also, grilling requires minimum fat and retains nutrients – a bonus for your health and weight. Furthermore, this meal satiates you and thus keeps you away from binging on unhealthy foods.

Remember, preparing a low-carb dinner is just half the battle won. You could still face trouble over portion control or how much quantity to eat. Or you could get bored of eating the same dinner.

bon happétee’s plans could actually help you. It is an Indian diet and weight loss app.

And we’ve come up with weight loss plans with plenty of delectable low-carb dinner ideas to make your weekday interesting. We suggest you leave the serving size, food recommendations and recipes to us, and just cook and eat your way to weight loss.

Vishruta is a nutritionist by profession and a writer by heart. Content writing and menu planning have become her passions over the past few years. Love food, love life — is her mantra.

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