Let’s look at a 2000 calorie Indian diet plan

Diets didn’t work for you? Neither did drinking green tea? You didn’t lose a single pound. Furthermore, you are finding it extremely difficult to sleep and lose your cool for apparently no reason.

Extreme diets can do that to you – lead to disturbed sleep, mood swings and unhappiness.

At bon happetee we understand your frustration. Here is a sample plan to speed up your weight loss without compromising on your sleep, mental health and most importantly, taste.

Let’s look at a 2000 calorie diet plan-

2000 calorie indian meal plan

After this plan, you’d be stunned at how wrong you’d been all along.


You gave up all your favourites and still didn’t lose any weight.

You munched on ‘healthy foods’ and still didn’t lose any weight.

You exercised daily and still didn’t lose any weight.

But the good news is: you’ve finally discovered the correct and healthy approach to weight loss. You’ve realized that drastically cutting calories or eating bland food doesn’t work.

And the best part is you’ve got a nutrition expert who’s happy to guide you.

bon happetee , which adopts the foodie approach to weight loss, offers a truckload of tips and tricks. It customizes your meal plans, food suggestions and targets so that you stick to the plan.

And when you’re craving for something sweet or greasy, the app will teach you how to eat it smartly.2000 calorie indian meal plan

We also have a 1300 calorie diet plan and a 1600 calorie diet plan

Clearly, weight loss has never been so easy. Time to get started with bon happetee, best Indian weight loss app. 

content writer - bon happetee diet plan appVishruta is a nutritionist by profession and a writer by heart. Content writing and menu planning have become her passions over the past few years. Love food, love life — is her mantra.

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