Tasty and Healthy Snacks for weight loss

tasty and healthy snacks for weight lossYou know the role of a king-sized breakfast, a wholesome lunch and a soul-satisfying dinner that is not just soup, salad and sprouts in the process of losing weight. You do all these things right, but it is still not helping you lose any weight.

Because you have also not been able to resist mithai at lunch. And, you often raid the kitchen shelves even after a good dinner.

We know you lose sleep over how you will shed the extra pounds. And that is why Bon Happétee offers an easy solution to your worry – it is called Snacking.

Along with the three main meals, you need to eat two healthy snacks too.

You must be thinking that eating these extra meals would increase your calorie intake. And extra calories mean weight gain.


These in-between meals have the magic effect on your weight and hunger.

Surprised? Read on:

Healthy snacking boosts metabolism: Digestion is a high-calorie activity and by feeding your body, you’re forcing it to work and burn calories to digest food. In short, you’re revving up your metabolism. And a high metabolism implies weight loss.

tasty and healthy snacks for weight loss

Snacking stops you from overeating: What’s more, a gap of four hours between two meals sparks uncontrollable hunger pangs and magnifies your appetite. You can’t resist the extra serving or rice, roti or namkeen to curb the butterflies doing a crazy dance in your belly. Snacking reduces the portion of your main meals. So, when you savour an evening snack, you are less likely to overeat at dinner.

And you know that eating a light dinner is the key to a lighter you.

Snacking keeps your insulin and sugar levels in check: Plus, snacking ensures you’re distributing food into smaller meals. This habit keeps the glycaemic index and load of your meals low. When you eat low glycaemic-load meals, there is a negligible spike in insulin and sugar levels. As a result, your fat percentage doesn’t spurt up.

So, if you’ve chomped a fruit between breakfast and lunch, you wouldn’t be scouring for the mithai box after lunch.

This is how snacking helps you lose the flab.

However, if you feel it’s okay to wolf down a samosa, sev puri, fries, or pastry, hold that thought.

tasty and healthy snacks for weight loss

First, let’s look into the snacks you can eat on a daily basis. An important thing to note is that the calorie count of these meals should be around 200 calories. 200 is the magic number to fill your tummy and keep you away from overeating.

And before you start wondering what 200 calories look like, here are some ideas for tasty and healthy snacks for weight loss-


• 1 banana + 3 walnuts

Calories – 184; Carb – 29 grams; Protein – 3 grams; Fat – 8 grams; Fiber – 4 grams; Glycaemic load – 12

• A large handful of roasted chana + ½ glass kokum sherbet

Calories – 146; Carb – 26 grams; Protein – 6 grams; Fat – 2 grams; Fiber – 5 grams; Glycaemic load – 7

• 3 dates + 1 cheese cube

Calories – 181; Carb – 18 grams; Protein – 8 grams; Fat – 9 grams; Fiber – 2 grams; Glycaemic load – 7

Evening snack:

• 2 idlis + 1½ spoons coconut chutney

Calories – 191; Carb – 30 grams; Protein – 5 grams; Fat – 6 grams; Fiber – 3 grams; Glycaemic load – 15

healthy snacks, evening snacks, 200 calorie snacks, idli, coconut chutney, healthy fats

• 1 plate aloo chaat

Calories – 180; Carb – 20 grams; Protein – 2 grams; Fat – 11 grams; Fiber – 3 grams; Glycaemic load – 10

After this plate of aloo chaat you can go for a low carb dinner that is ideal for weight loss

• ½ bowl macaroni n cheese

Calories – 155; Carb – 14 grams; Protein – 6 grams; Fat – 8 grams; Fiber – 1 grams; Glycaemic load – 6

As for your favourite sweet or greasy titbits, treat them as reward meals. You can relish any one of these yummy foods on a Sunday for eating right the entire week.

We are sure that now you have got a pretty good idea of which snacks and why you should nibble on. Still, if you run out of options or if you are travelling and don’t know what to munch on, Bon Happétee will become your saviour, it is one of the best Indian weight loss app.

We’ve built recipe search, recommendations and meal plans based on your likes/dislikes and fitness goals. And the best part – we calculate the calories and nutrients for you.

Now you can’t ask for more.

So hop on the Bon Happétee app and watch those pounds disappear!

See you on-board soon 🙂

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