How to relieve gas & stop bloating

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We have all been there, jumping up and down, wriggling, sucking in our breath till that button pops shut, on our otherwise perfectly fitting trouser. Once it’s done, panic sets in! How would you explain it? Something that fits you just a week back now clearly doesn’t!

Well, before jumping to the obvious conclusion, i.e. weight gain, think about bloating! Yes, good old bloating caused by gases. Bloating not only makes you look out of shape but is also accompanied by a lot of physical discomforts.  People normally mistake bloating for fat or water retention, but it’s just gasses causing temporary distension, that everybody faces from time to time.

Please remember that the stomach is not a place where fluids accumulate normally unless it is a complication of any liver or kidney disorder.

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There are very easy ways to keep bloating at bay and to feel great:- Continue reading

Understand your body noises

Body noises


Rumble, crackle, pop, achhoo … Familiar with that? Yes! Our body makes several kinds of noises and it somehow has a way of picking the worst possible timing. “Why did you have to rumble like that in front of my boss?” you ask your stomach or, “I was in the room alone a minute ago, why couldn’t I have burped then?”

We have all been in that embarrassing spot where our body decides to make noises of its own accord. Some can be scary, some annoying, while some can be downright embarrassing. But remember, more than the noises these sounds are a natural mechanism of our body talking to us. Telling us things like when it is time to eat, time to stop eating, time to avoid certain kinds of food, or time to seek medical attention and so on. Continue reading

We’re Anti-Antacids, are you?

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Jamaai babu, ek aur laddoo? Ho jaye laddoo!” Effervescent salt commercials that promise ‘Kaam shuru sirf 6 seconds mein’ can certainly convince you to eat the ice cream after you’ve just had the gulab jamuns, after the dal chawal, which you had after you had already gulped down four rotis along with aloo mutter, palak paneer and malai kofta. Such commercials will “inspire” you to first ‘dabao’ your way beyond your poor tummy’s ability, and then not even worry about the acidity, gas, and bloating. Well, aren’t these guys some kind of angels … Huh!!

We all know how acidity makes us feel. Especially, all the foodies among us certainly do. Because we go out street shopping and immediately want to have pani puri. After a while, we spot the dabeliwala, followed by the new momos joint everyone has been talking about. On a parting note, everyone decides to wash it all down with some jalebis.

Bon happetee indian food calorie counter appBy the time we are home, the overeating has taken its toll and we start feeling the heartburn. So, we simply pop a pill or drink an effervescent or creamy drink to curb the indigestion. It is sure an unpleasant feeling and no one wishes to experience it. Yet, so many of us deal with it on a daily basis because we never really stop and think about the causes behind it, and the preventive ways to bid this problem a farewell altogether.
Often we get so tied up in the mumbo-jumbo of life that we do not pay attention to our digestive systems calling out for help! We just pop an antacid and off we go!

However, what we don’t realise is that the acidity, the gas, the burping … are all cries of help from the stomach, and from our body. When we pop an antacid, or just give it another slice of pizza, what we do is ignore these signals and shut it up. You decide what to eat, but let your body tell you HOW MUCH! Yes, your body talks to you and these antacids and gastric medicines just ask your body to SHUT UP! Continue reading